About Me

Hi! I'm Emma and I'm a 30 year old maths enthusiast who teaches maths in an outstanding inner-city secondary school.

During my training year I started a blog to reflect on my journey to becoming a maths teacher. I wrote about my personal and professional development, my experiences, and my emotions. I also wrote about maths. I discovered that whilst I had thought my favourite thing in the world was maths, it turned out my favourite thing in the world is writing about maths. The best bit is discussing the topics with my students and with my faculty to get lots of good material.

I am now in my ninth year of teaching, and I still have a lot to say!

Emma x x x


  1. Hi!
    This is Allegro, the guy who made your crane necklace!
    Just wanted to say how cool it was to find your blog post about it. This is probably the best part of my job, seeing happy customers.
    Do you ever use origami in your math lessons?

  2. Wow it's so weird that you found this! I have used origami a lot in my maths lessons, it teaches a lot about shape, symmetry,and transformations. Modular origami is particularly good because the result is a 3-D shape that the students can explore. I absolutely love my necklace, and everyone who sees it comments on how beautiful it is. So thank you!

  3. Hi Emma,

    I'm very keen to be in touch on behalf of BBC Radio 4 about a programme I am making about summer holidays, and more specifically the long length of them. I've read a great blog post you wrote in 2017 and would love to discuss.
    Could we be in touch? My email is sarah.shebbeare@bbc.co.uk

    Many thanks


  4. I am Swapnil literally 12 years from what and when you've created a page its wonderful how back then you created this simple understanding which carries on still today.

    love your work and your teachings too!