Sunday 9 October 2011

All I Ever Talk about Is School

I have quite a serious social impairment. All I ever talk about is school.

Every facebook status I've made for the last 5 weeks has been teaching-related. My friends must think I'm such a loser. Most of the friends I see regularly are maths teachers, and all we ever talk about is teaching. That's bad enough, but talking to non-teachers about school and nothing else is really quite awful.

The thing is, talking about school to my teacher friends can be really theraputic, and often incredibly useful. Yesterday I met up with two of my maths teacher friends. We talked about school. A lot. But I was really inspired by a lot of the things I heard and actually took out my iPod and made some notes. I got a few starter ideas, homework ideas, behaviour tips, and some other bits and bobs. I'm going to talk about these in my next post.

But it would be nice to talk about other things. Like... See, I can't even think of something that's not related to teaching! What did I use to talk about? Back when I was doing my A levels we used to talk about: One Tree Hill, the Apprentice (when it was on), boys, clothes, music, films, books, and, to be fair, school. It would be nice to be able to talk about those sorts of things again. Now that I think about it, I would also love to start watching One Tree Hill again too. I loved that show.

So my resolution this week is to talk about things other than school. This will be difficult, but I'm going to make a real effort, just for the next seven days. Obviously my blog will still just be about teaching. I'm sure no one wants to read 500 words of me talking about Nathan and Haley's relationship and why James Lafferty is so much hotter than Chad Michael Murray.

Do you find you have the same problem? Why not try and talk about other things this week too?

Emma x x x

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