Saturday 7 February 2015

You Know You're a Maths Teacher When...

You never give a direct answer to a question, but instead reply with another question, so the asker can figure it out for themselves. I have a lot of trouble with this one to be honest. My husband has complained on several occasions. For example, the other day he asked me where the bin bags are. Even though I knew where they were and could have just told him, I automatically responded with, "Well, when did we buy them?" He didn't really appreciate that I was giving him the opportunity to work out the answer for himself.

You find a protractor in your wallet (this happened to a colleague of mine a couple of weeks ago).

You feel like scrawling across Google Calculator "You must show your working out!"

You sit in whole-staff meetings and when the presenter mentions the word "average" you immediately turn to your colleague and snidely point out "They didn't say which average, so that statement is meaningless".

All of your shopping lists, to do lists, Christmas card lists, etc are written on squared paper. In green pen.

You can touch-type on a Casio calculator.

You carry a mini screwdriver in your handbag for emergency compass-tightening. (Please tell me I'm not the only one?)

You start to type "body" in a text message and "BODMAS" comes up as a spelling suggestion.(Seriously, who was I texting about BODMAS?)

Can you think of any more?

Emma x x x


  1. You do mental maths in the supermarket because you have told the kids that they can't always use their phone in real life.
    You don't carry an emergency screwdriver, but upon hearing the idea, decide that this needs to be done!

    1. Good ones! I recommend glasses repair screwdrivers.

  2. I like the screwdriver idea too.